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Semantic Fingerprint API Product

Returns the semantic fingerprint of the given text


With our Semantic Fingerprint API Product you can:

  • Compare words, sentences and whole texts to each other.
  • Perform meaning-based classification of text and semantic search by simply measuring the overlap of semantic fingerprints.
  • Train custom models with little training data in an unsupervised manner.

Transparent and fair pricing: Get started for free!

Ready to start? Whether you want to test our API or integrate it in an enterprise application, we have the right plan for you.

SF API - Free Plan

Up to 500000 calls / month

Max. 15 calls / 1 secs(s)

For custom plans, please contact us

How to Try the Semantic Fingerprint API Product How to Use the Semantic Fingerprint API Product

How to Try the Semantic Fingerprint API Product

1. Select a Plan

From your registered account in the API Developer Portal select a plan for the Semantic Fingerprint API product that fits your needs. Then, click the Start With This Plan button to add the product subscription to your cart.

Available Plans

  • Free - Up to 500,000 requests per month / Max. 15 requests per second
  • Custom - Unlimited requests with all analysis functionality and max throughput. Contact to learn more about this plan.

Changing Plans Later

If you wish to change your paid plan tier after subscribing, contact

2. Create an App and Submit a Request

  1. After you select a plan, the system will redirect you to your shopping cart. From here, you will associate the product and plan with an app and submit a request for this API product.
  2. In your cart, review the product and plan selections. In section 3 (App Details), create a new app or select an existing app.
  3. Click SUBMIT REQUEST. For paid plans, the system will then redirect you to the payment page where you can enter payment information and confirm your subscription. Paid subscriptions are billed on a recurring monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. After the system processes your request, click the GO TO DASHBOARD button to redirect to the Apps & Subscriptions page.

3. View Product & Plan Details

Via the username dropdown in the top right corner, select Apps & Subscriptions / My Apps, click on the name of the app you associated with the product and plan in the previous section. Your subscription plan details, including the number of requests allowed per month, the applicable rate limit (max. requests per second), and Token ID are listed under Access and Credentials info.

Token IDs

A Token ID is the unique token that must be included each time you generate an API request with this product.

How to Use the Semantic Fingerprint API Product

Select the API SPECIFICATIONS tab. The Semantic Fingerprint API product will be displayed.

Endpoints are listed in the left panel (click fingerprint to expand the full list of endpoints). Click on an endpoint to view the description, available parameters, response codes, example requests and responses, and to generate a request.

Example Requests/Responses: Use the drop-down menu to view code examples in the selected programming language.

Generating an API Request

There are multiple ways to generate a request:

  • via the inline panel: Each endpoint page contains a panel on the right that provides sections for Authorization (Auth), Parameters (where applicable) and Body. Requests are generated by clicking the Send API Request button.
  • via a third-party API client: Any third-party API client that utilizes any of the supported programming languages can be used to send a request to any of the Semantic Fingerprint API endpoint URLs.

*You must include the Token ID. Regardless of how you generate the request, whether you use the inline panel (Auth section) or send a request through a third-party API client, you must include the app-specific Token ID as part of the request.

How to locate the Token ID: Your Token ID can always be accessed by navigating back to Apps & Subscriptions via the username drop-down menu at the top of the Developer Portal (your_username / Apps & Subscriptions) and selecting the associated app from the My Apps page.

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